Have This Information Ready When You Hire A Sound Engineer

Much of the success of your stage play will depend on the sound; if the audience can't hear the actors, the audience will get bored and not like the play. You'll need good sound, and that means hiring a great sound team for larger productions and maybe one to two people for smaller productions with smaller budgets. If you're in that latter group, when you meet with a sound engineer to find out if they'll be the right person for your play, you need to have some information ready so that you and the sound engineer you hire are both on the same page. [Read More]

4 Tips For Setting Up Your First Home Theater

If you've recently become more interested in home video and audio equipment, then you're likely thinking about setting up your first home theater. A home theater system that has been thoughtfully put together offers overall quality that is exponentially better than what you can get from standard systems. Read on for just a few of the best tips to keep in mind when you're setting up your own home theater system. [Read More]

Benefits Of Hiring An Acoustical Consultant When Developing An Auditorium

Auditoriums are important spaces for a lot of different activities, including speeches and presentations. If you're developing one for a particular building, it helps to work with an acoustical consulting company. They can help with a couple of key aspects. Help Prevent Unwanted Noise There will be certain noises that you don't want happening in an auditorium. For instance, noise from machines and systems outside of this area need to be blocked off somehow. [Read More]

Tips When Using A Music Server To Store All Of Your Music Files

If you have a passion for listening to music, you'll probably grow a large collection of audio files pretty quickly. Instead of having to wonder where these files are going to go, you can simply rely on a dedicated music server. Just use these tips when relying on this audio file resource. Focus on Server's Box Design The box that your dedicated music server features does matter. It can have a visual role and also a practical one, especially if you plan on moving the music server around your home on a regular basis. [Read More]